The Introverts Guide to Using Social Media For Business

You know those articles detailing how to grow your business using social media?  They’re great, right?  Only, I almost always come away from reading them feeling super overwhelmed and just plain exhausted.  Like I could crawl back to bed and sleep and it’s only 9am.  I can’t be the only one, but I often feel like I am.  

The internet is an awesome tool for artists, no doubt, but at the same time, for me it can feel like such a chore when I’d rather be making something.  Plus, I’m an introvert, so the idea of expending more energy socializing beyond what I already do with my friends, family, and neighbors, just…again with the crawling into bed.  

So here’s my own introverts guide to social media (it’s short, I promise):


  1. Post and respond to comments only as much as feels managable.  I do want people who take the time to engage with me to know that I heard them and I try to make that happen, but if, on a given day I’m just too tired or I miss some comments, I just let it go.  The internet will still be there tomorrow. 
  2. Make sure you try new platforms or tools at a time when you have space for it.  Haven’t yet signed up for instagram but interested in giving it a try?  Don’t try setting up your profile and looking for followers right before you pick your kids up from school or at the end of a long day, or during the witching hour (dinner time).    I try to do this kind of stuff in the morning, when it’s quiet. 
  3. Remember, there’s no rush.  Take your time and do things at your own pace.  Reading some of those guides, I often start to feel like these are the things I need to be doing RIGHT NOW! and I should be doing all of them RIGHT NOW!!  This is when I step back, take a few deep breaths and see if there’s maybe one I can start today and work with for awhile before trying something else.  Again, unless the apocalypse happens, the internet will be there tomorrow.  There’s no rush. 
  4. Having a massive social media platform is not required for success.  Ok, so I don’t have proof of this beyond my own life; it’s just a hunch, but it feels like it might be true.  People have had successful business with social media throughout history and while using it definitely helps your business in this day and age, you don’t have to be a super pro at it to get clients and make money.  This post will at most probably be read by 10 people (and that’s being optimistic), I have less than 500 followers on instagram, and way less of fb, and I have plenty of work to keep my business up and running. So if your online following is not taking off the way you want it to, just take deep breaths, and focus on one client at a time.  


The internet is great…and exhausting…and sometimes terrible, but it’s not the be all end all of life, which I know you already know, so fellow introverts or very tired extroverts, a toast to slow social media and being kind to ourselves.