A Summer Pace


This time of year feels like everything moves in double time.  Mostly in a good way.  Some times in a way that leaves me feeling like I need to catch my breath. The nicer weather makes so many more activities seem possible and the extra does of vitamin D the sun provides provide extra energy.  (Unless one finds oneself battling a summer cold like I am this week....but that will pass.)  From the garden being active and growing, including the weeds, to the kids wanting and needing lots of extra time outside, to more time with friends and neighbors lined up as bbq season gets under way... plus there are so many projects lined up both inside and outside the studio, our summer days can be a bit of a blur.  While during the winter my challenge is to keep moving, during the summer my challenge is to find time to just be.  This week we're having a few days of reprieve from the sun with some mild, rainy weather.  I'm taking advantage of the clouds to heal from the afore mentioned cold and move a little more slowly.  I'm also attempting to take advantage of the quiet before the kids are out of school next week.  

This morning I took a long walk.  Along the way I found some wild mint and decided to turn it into mint infused vodka, to be used later for slow sipping summer cocktails.  This afternoon, I made these truffles, sprinkled with cacao nibs.  This evening, after a few final hours in the studio, I have plans to grab dinner with a friend.  After all, what is the point of making your own hours if you can't take time to enjoy the gifts of the season.  Cheers! 

Ps - I picked up two new shops this month!  If you're in Portland, be sure to check out Bird's and Bee's Nursery, an adorable little place in a lush corner of southeast.  Also, Stustustudio in the Alberta Arts district is great tiny space for for interesting jewelry, fine art, and of course, my pots! They are currently carrying this collection of plates plus some new planters.