A Studio Tour

Finally, 6 months from when it was finished, here at long last is a tour of my new studio, for the curious.  I'm still fussing around, adding this and that and trying to arrange things in both a way that allows for the most efficient production, but also feels beautiful and inviting and like a space I want to be in all day.  

The view from the front door.  The Gallery space is on the right and my desk on the left.  It was important to me to have my desk in here away from the house, so I didn't have to leave the studio every time I needed to write an invoice or do the books or what have you.  Basically all the plants are from my buds over at Solabee's Flowers and Botanicals.  

My husband Scott is the resident wood worker (thank god!).  He build the desk and the gallery table and pretty much everything else wooden in the studio.  Most of the wood is reclaimed from the old garage and from our local reclaim wood shop, Salvage Works. 

This is the work area as viewed from the french doors.  I'm making that small table work for now, but I'm badly in need of a bigger one.  I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to have a sink in here after years of running to the kitchen for more water.  I'm guessing the heat is going to be nice too as the temps drop. 

The kiln sisters: big Bertha (who is currently broken) and little Bertha, both named by my daughter.  Looking forward to having the big one fixed soon.  

Aprons and laundry bag.  The old board and hooks was hanging on the back porch of our house when we moved in.  I loved the texture so I've kept it around.  The aprons were made by some of my friends who are talented seamstresses.  I love them both and they keep me clean!

The view out the french doors to the yard.  It needs to be re-landscaped now that the construction is over, but who knows when we'll get to that! 

Burning palo santo in the studio.  I adore the scent and I feel like it keeps me present and in the moment.  It's easy for me to start to spin about the things on my to do this, so I have to practice bringing myself back to the present, back to the making at hand, or very little gets done.  

And that wraps up the studio tour.  Hope you enjoyed.  If there are any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.  Cheers!