This Week In The Studio

I thought I'd start a weekly series on what sorts of projects I have going on in the studio along with other pottery related news.  Ideally, I'd like to post this on mondays but today is wednesday so here we go.  

This week I'm working on a large refresh of pots and planters for Solabees.  We've just worked out a new color palette for them which I'm excited about and think will love just lovely with all their gorgeous plants.  

As I throw these pots, I'm also working on making a production book where I keep all the clay weights and pot measurements for pieces I make regularly so they can be consistent.  When I sit down to throw a set of items, I cut the clay roughly all the same size and using muscle memory, throw all those pots close to the same size.  But then I deliver them to a shop and when it comes around to making them again, I don't remember their exact size and shape.  Where they 4 inches tall or 3.5? It's another one of those things I'm learning about the business end of running a pottery.  I've resisted weighing out my clay before I wedge it (kind of like kneading, except it's to remove air bubbles) because I like things being all slightly different. It's a part of the handmade process.  But even in handmade, I realize, there needs to be a certain level of consistency.  At least for what I'm doing.  I think depending on what you were doing with your work, you wouldn't necessarily have to be this sort of ceramicist.  But this is where I find myself.  

I've also got a list of various other odds and ends pieces I'm working through, like a custom decanter, beakers for a local bitters maker, and a personal gift I'm making for some family members.  I also always try to make at least a couple of pieces each week that are just for me, an idea I had, something I really want to have for the house or I just want to see how it will turn out to consider whether or not to add it to production.  Those little tea pots in the picture are that item this week.  I'm picture them in the white eggshell glaze with one big drippy circle of indigo on the side.  We will see!