Riding The Wind

It's windy out today, and cloudy, yet very warm, in the 60's, which in Oregon in late October is quite warm.  I have the back door wide open.  I loved this kind of weather when I was a kid.  The wind whipping around our bodies felt exciting and tinged with both danger and possibility.  We imagined that if we jumped, holding an umbrella, we could feel the wind carry us just for a moment.  I lived for that moment.

Today the wind holds something different for me, a feeling of longing.  There's been a lot of excitement and possibility and even danger in the air for me recently.  I love making pottery but learning the business side of things has been, and still is, a huge challenge.  For a long time, the fears I held around learning the business end kept me from really diving in and doing the work of learning.  But things have shifted and these past few years feel more like I'm jumping with my umbrella held high, facing in to the fears, and longing for the wind to pick me up and carry me.  

I'm in deep with this small business thing and I have big goals, big dreams and a shit ton of work to do.  So when I'm trolling  instagram and blogs, like you do, and come across people who are where I want to be, sometimes the longing slams into me so hard it almost takes my breath away. It can be quite a paralyzing, overwhelming feeling. And so I'm sitting here at the kitchen table, writing it out and watching the wind through the window because it's the best way I can think of to move through it and get back to work.  Umbrellas up, everyone.