Creative Cycles: New Spaces

It's been quite a while since I've written here. Almost a year in fact.  Last year, when we tore down the old garage and began construction on a new studio with an apartment on top, kicked off a difficult time.  I should have known, given that my last post was titled Transitions and transitions are almost never easy.  But it was much harder and a much bigger adjustment than I anticipated.  Not only were there the average stresses of construction: huge messes, lots of decisions, cranky neighbors, mud everywhere; there was also getting used to the change of having a much larger building in our backyard, and loosing some of that beloved yard.  On top of that, we were without a car for several months, having totaled ours right before construction began, and we had a run of serious illnesses in our family, including a hospital stay for my son and a surgery for me.  All the while, I was commuting to a temporary studio space, which shortened my studio hours considerably.  And I didn't know how to talk about any of it.  Sometimes there are just too many feelings to be able to sort them all out into some sort of sense.  I worried that anything I tried to say would come out too negative.  

The above photo was taken in March, at the end of construction, when we took a much needed long weekend at the beach with friends.  To me it marked the light at the end of the tunnel.  When the studio was finally finished in April, there was the work of setting everything back up and settling in to the new space plus learning how to run our new airbnb space. It was an incredibly full time.  

 Now, though, I have had a good 6 months in my new space and a really fun summer behind me, I can see all the good things that transition brought, hard though it was.   Having a bright, heated, well organized studio has made work flow so much better then it did in a dark, cold, cluttered garage.  Also, I actually want to be out there now where before I had to drag myself out to that space.   The other thing the transition marked for me was the end of a period of experimentation with my own visual style where I was jumping from idea to idea, not sure what sort of pieces I wanted to pursue.  I found a set of glazes that I really enjoy and I'm making work I really love and am proud to send out into the world.  While I'm still always playing with new ideas and forms, they are within certain parameters and themes.  My goal right now is consistency in my work.   

I'm hoping to write here weekly and also start a newsletter, probably monthly, but we'll see how it goes.  I'm also trying to put new work in the shop every week or so.  There are a couple of other big projects in works and I'm excited to share those when I can.  But first up, will be a long overdue studio tour coming next week!  If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen a few sneak peaks.  I'm excited to share my new space and talk about what I love about it as well as what I would have done differently.  In the mean time, have a lovely weekend!