This Week In The Studio: Holiday Prep

These days in the studio and outside of it are fast and furious and never long enough.  In addition to stocking up Solabee's, I'm prepping mugs for the Crafty Wonderland show on December 10th and 11th .  My friend Kathy will be selling them at her booth to accompany her hand roasted coffee, Bold coffee.  

Mugs are my favorite thing to make, even though the handles always give me fits, because they are my favorite thing to use and hold every day.  There's always a mug accompanying me through out my day, first with coffee, then with tea.  It's hard to define that special magic that makes a good mug and it's the chase of that elusive quality that keeps me trying new designs.  Of course this also makes mugs a sometimes stressful thing to make because of course I over think it and then start to doubt my self.  I'm practicing just trying things and letting the results be what they are, good, bad, or really ugly, because the process is still valuable.  

Anyway, that's my week.  What's yours look like?