This Week In The Studio: In and Out

The sun reflecting off the metal flashing on my neighbors chimney, turning this leaf copper pink.

The sun reflecting off the metal flashing on my neighbors chimney, turning this leaf copper pink.

This week I'm still fighting the cold that I mentioned hereand in fact it seems to have worsened despite spending the weekend (ok, just Saturday, but still) in bed drinking tea and binge watching The Crown on netflix.  So I'm moving a little more slowly.  I have a long list of holiday orders to work through so slow moving isn't exactly what I want to be doing, but over doing it and getting sicker isn't on my agenda either.  Instead I'm repeating the mantra 'all will get done in good time.' I have to say, even though the timing isn't convenient (it never is, right?), I'm also kind of enjoying the opportunity to move a little slower, to reset priorities, and take a little extra care of myself.  Anxiety has been high recently, as it has for a lot of people here in America considering what tomorrow is, so every opportunity for self care is quite needed.  So in the spirit of slowing down and taking time, here's a link list of what's inspiring me and got me thinking lately.  Have a good week everyone!

This post by Alex, one of the makers at Arran Street East Studio, talks about how crucial timing is in ceramics and was a reminder to me that I'm the only one working my studio, keeping track of all these delicately timed processes, so stop being so hard on myself every time I don't get it just right.  

Putting miso on all the things, but especially on buttered sourdough toast, as definitely been my jam (see what I did there?) recently.  It helps when I tell myself that all those beneficial micro organisms in miso are helping me kick this cold faster. 

Just discovered this wonderful little shop and starting to think about Christmas gifts.  Wishing there was a universal rule for handmade, handcrafted gifting only and no plastic ever.  In my dream world...

Finally, came across this quote by Ira Glass last week and it's been rattling around in my head quite a bit.  Just the encouragement one needs when trying to do creative work.