Keeping Up With The Wide World


I had to do a run to my local clay shop today for boring things like a kiln shelf, a sieve, brushes, and glaze.  While there, I was perusing the book section, looking for something to give me more info about processing wild clay, and I saw they were having a sale on back issues of Ceramics Monthly magazine.  One cover caught my eye in particular with some beautiful simple nesting bowls with pebble like glaze and delicately imperfect, wabi-sabi edges.  I snatched it up on a whim and added it to the pile of supplies.  After a long afternoon and evening of glazing, I settled down to unwind on the couch and picked up the issue and read it cover to cover, completely inspired by every article and story about various ceramicists and their work, plus the many pictures of contemporary ceramic work.  Now I'm left with that wonderfully delicious feeling that we artist crave of new ideas, new inspirations, exciting possibilities rattling around.  This is something I've been missing, I think.  As an introvert and a parent, I don't get out to galleries, and other than the small pottery group I meet with monthly, I haven't been making time to get outside my little world into the larger ceramic community (other than instagram, but that has it's limits).  And it just hit me how much I need it.  To read about other potter's processes, to see work I normally wouldn't seek out, and to realize what's out there right now.  I'm going to add galleries and ceramics publications to my list of places to go for inspirations, right after the river and the forest.