This Week In The Studio: Holiday Prep

These days in the studio and outside of it are fast and furious and never long enough.  In addition to stocking up Solabee's, I'm prepping mugs for the Crafty Wonderland show on December 10th and 11th .  My friend Kathy will be selling them at her booth to accompany her hand roasted coffee, Bold coffee.  

Mugs are my favorite thing to make, even though the handles always give me fits, because they are my favorite thing to use and hold every day.  There's always a mug accompanying me through out my day, first with coffee, then with tea.  It's hard to define that special magic that makes a good mug and it's the chase of that elusive quality that keeps me trying new designs.  Of course this also makes mugs a sometimes stressful thing to make because of course I over think it and then start to doubt my self.  I'm practicing just trying things and letting the results be what they are, good, bad, or really ugly, because the process is still valuable.  

Anyway, that's my week.  What's yours look like? 


Forest Park, which contains the 30 mile long Wildwood trail and is the largest urban forest in the U.S., is a fifteen minute drive from my house and the closest forest for when I need to be under trees and don't have enough time to get to the Columbia Gorge or Mount Hood.  This need happens about every other week for me, especially during the cooler months.  As I've written here, nature is a huge inspiration for me, but it's not necessarily gaining ideas from what I see in the trees, it's more the space that the woods open up in my mind.  It allows me to breathe, to step out of the studio and back from a problem so I can come at it with renewed energy.  I often go with my friend who owns her own spiritual direction practice and we talk out all our concerns and problems with small business ownership, being a woman trying to find her voice in this world, as well as the ups and downs of family life and how we're finding some semblance of balance these days.  It's all very therapeutic. 

And this forest, with it's low hanging mist, silver wet ferns, and abundance of oak leaves, well, it holds a special place in my heart.  You won't find much in the way of spectacular views here, except for the occasional glimpse of Portland through the brush, and it's not super secluded, although the wettest days are often fairly quiet, but you will find beauty and magic and something new every time even if you've taken the trail twenty times before.  I think it's familiarity is part of what I love.  It feels like home.  

My best impression of Oregon rain.   

My best impression of Oregon rain.


This Week In The Studio: New People and Projects

It's an especially full week this week.  I have several meetings with new clients and a possible intern (who I just met with and love!) plus my in-laws are having their 50th anniversary party this weekend and the family is scrambling to get everything prepped so we can all have a wonderful time.  

Family parties aside, there is also a ridiculous amount of glazing that needs doing, including quite a few mugs and those pots for Solabees.   I got some done while chatting with my new intern-y type person and I can't think of better way to plow through that sort of work.  I wish I could pay someone to just sit in the studio and chat with me.  Even for an introvert, sometimes the quiet is too much.  But then a lot of times, it's just right.